Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bangladesh-US Training Exercise Tiger Shark-4 Sept 19-26

News - Bangladesh-US Training Exercise Tiger Shark-4 Sept 19-26
Dhaka, Sept 14 (UNB) - Bangladesh-US joint training exercise `Tiger Shark-4’, mostly to be conducted in Chittagong and Sylhet area, will begin on September 19 and continue till September 26.

An ISPR release Tuesday said Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force and other law enforcing forces like Coast Guard, BGB and Bangladesh Police (in a limited way) will jointly participate with US military forces in the exercise.

Approximately 500 personnel, few helicopters and Navy ships from Bangladesh side and almost 350 personnel, few aircrafts, helicopters and Navy ships from US armed forces will take part.

This joint exercise is the continuation of a series of exercises conducted between both the armed forces for about last two decades.

In the recent past, both the military forces participated in similar exercises - Tiger Shark-1, 2 & 3 in 2009-2010 - held independently between US military forces and individual units of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force.

However, Tiger Shark-4 is a combined-joint military exposure between Bangladesh and USA. It is expected that this exercise will enhance training cooperation and capacity building between the two friendly countries in the field of counterterrorism.

During the conduct of the exercise from September 19-26, few helicopters will fly in and out of the exercise area.

The US personnel will start arriving in Bangladesh (mostly in Chittagong area) from September 15 by US helicopters and aircraft.

In this combined-joint exercise, a Commodore from Bangladesh side and a Rear Admiral from US side will lead respective troops. To achieve the desired aim and objectives of the exercise, a Major General from Bangladesh side has been appointed to give necessary directives on behalf of Armed Forces Division.

“Exercise TIGER SHARK-4 will hopefully enhance the image of Bangladesh in international arena in the field of counterterrorism and help to promote international peace and security,” said the ISPR release.

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