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Myanmar Navy

Myanmar Navy
Myanmar Naval Ensign

Naval Staff
Naval headquarters (Naypyidaw)
Strategic Naval Command (Yangon)
Naval Training Command (Seikkyi)
Irrawaddy Regional Command (Yangon)
Danyawaddy Regional Command (Sittwe)
Panmawaddy Regional Command (Hainggyi Island)
Mawyawaddy Regional Command (Mawlamyaing)
Tanintharyi Regional Command (Mergui)
Military History of Myanmar
Armed Forces Day: 27th of March
List of senior officers
Officer rank insignia

The Myanmar Navy ( ; Burmese pronunciation: [taʔmədɔ̀ jè]) is the naval branch of the armed forces of Myanmar with 19,000 men and women. The Myanmar Navy currently operates more than 122 vessels. Before 1988, the Myanmar Navy was small and its role in the many counterinsurgency operations was much less conspicuous than those of the army and air force. Yet the navy has always been, and remains, an important factor in Myanmar's security and it was dramatically expanded in recent years to a provide blue water capability and external threat defence role in Myanmar's territorial waters.

Naval Infantry

The Myanmar Navy formed a naval infantry battalion of 800 men in 1964, and a second battalion in 1967. Third and fourth battalions may have also been raised. They battalions traditionally are deployed mainly in the Arakan, Tenasserim and Irrawaddy delta coastal regions primarily to assist in the army's counter-insurgency operations.

Myanmar Corvette and North Korea Frigate

CountryVessle TypeNameMissileMeterTons
MyanmarCorvetteAnawrahta4×C-802 SSM771850
MyanmarFrigateAung Zeya4×C-802 SSM1082530
North KoreaFrigateNajin2×SY-11021500
North KoreaFrigateSoho4×HY-173.81640


Vessel TypeQuantity
Frigate Myanmar3
Corvettes Myanmar6
Fast Attack Craft (Gun) Myanmar15
Fast Attack Craft (Missile) Myanmar9
Fast Attack Craft (Yan 037_Sub-Chaser)10
Missile Escort Boats (037 -1G)6
Inshore Patrol Boats16
River Patrol Craft36
Survey Ships2
Support Ships10
Transport/Landing Ships14

Guided-Missile Frigate

NameVessle TypeNumberMeterBuildWeapons
Aung Sit TeGuided-MissileF-22108 Myanmar1×76mm Gun,8×C-802 SSM,8FM-90M,4×AK-230,2×ZPU-2,RBU-1200,1xtype-90 122mm MRLS
Aung Yan NaingGuided-MissileF-33108 Myanmar2×76mm Guns,4×C-803 SSM,4×Type-69 14.5mm AA Guns,1×Type-90 122mm MRLS
Aung Moe hyainLight FrigateF-44105 Myanmar2×76mm Guns,4×AK-230 Guns,2×37mm Anti-Aircraft Guns

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