Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Real maintain cost of Mig -29

The much talked-about MIG-29 aircraft cost much less to maintain than it was previously thought. 8 MIG-29 aircraft cost just Tk.22.2 crores ($2.2 million) annually for maintenance as opposed to the published figure Tk.100 crores back in 2001. Low flying hours and wages for the airmen may be the reason for such low maintenance cost for MIG-29s.

It was under the impression that Bangladesh was going to buy a full squadron of aircraft for the air force, but the report below indicates that they are actually looking for 16 trainers for the force. May be the purchase of training aircraft is in addition to the purchase of one squadron of jet fighters to replace the obsolete A-5s, but the minister did not clarify it.

Tk 222cr spent for upkeep of MiG fighter jets
Planning minister tells JS

Staff Correspondent The government has spent Tk 222.49 crore for the maintenance of eight MiG-29 fighter jets since fiscal year 2000-01 and Tk 51 crore for 16 F-7 fighters since FY 2004-05.

Planning Minister Air Vice-Marshal (retd) AK Khandker said this yesterday in a question-answer session in parliament.

The MiG-29 planes were purchased from Russia at a cost of around $124 million in 1999 while the Chinese F-7 fighters cost around $129 million in 2004.

While replying to lawmakers' queries, the minister, also in charge of the defence ministry, said the government has already begun the process of purchasing another 16 training aircrafts for Bangladesh Air Force in the current and next financial year.

Awami League lawmaker Israfil Alam submitted a question to the defence ministry through the House asking for the dates of the coups and mutinies in the armed forces.

He also wanted to know who were responsible for those incidents.

The lawmaker then asked whether a list of the victims in the coups would be placed in parliament, and if the government has taken any step to rehabilitate their family members.

Khandker didn't give any detail about the coups and mutinies in Bangladesh armed forces in the years after the country's independence. He however said if necessary, a complete list of the incidents will be placed in the future.

He said various ministries had taken measures to punish the culprits and rehabilitate the victims' families.

No coup or mutiny has occurred in the navy since the country's independence, the minister said.

He however mentioned that on November 7, 1975, a section of naval officers took a stance against others in Khulna and Chittagong leaving one officer killed.

There was no instance of mutiny or coup in the air force after independence, excepting one incident on October 2, 1977, when some disgruntled air force men revolted and killed 11 officers and injured a few others, the minister said.

In $1.5B defence budget, bangladesh can easily maintain 16 Mig-29.they are not scrap and more advanced then FC-1.Bangladesh should upgrade them to smt version so that they will be able to carry R-77 BVR missile.

India has 69 Mig-29 smt.if the cost was too high ,they will not keep them in service.It was a false news that Bangladesh can't afford to maintain them.Bangladesh can easily maintain them in their limited budget.

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