Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FM-90 Surface-to-Air Missile System

At the end of 1998, the FM-90, an enhanced version of the FM-80/HQ-7, was introduced to the public. Compared to the original system, the improvements on the FM-90 include:

  • Using VLSI technology-based computer (designed by 706 Institute) to replace the original LSI technology-based S-9 computer on the HQ-7/FM-80.
  • Using digital electronic technology to replace the original analogue design, increasing the missile's abilities against active/passive jamming.
  • Using a new two-waveband tracking radar to replace the original monopulse radar
  • An infrared camera was added to the TV tracking system so that the optical tracking system can be used at night.
  • Target information between search and firing units is transmitted via a datalink pole system similar to that fitted on the later production Thomson-CSF Crotale 4000.
  • Re-designed missile warhead fusing system.

In addition, the missile's seeking/homing range, maximum speed, and attack range all have been improved, which greatly increases its combat effectiveness. With a maximum detecting range of 25km, the FM-90 is capable of attacking three targets using three different guidance modes simultaneously. The missile also has anti-missile ability against ultra-low-altitude cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, and anti-radiation missiles at a distance of 17km.


The Bangladesh Air Force operates the ground-based version of the FM-90 for base air defence purposes, while the Navy operates the FM-90N aboard BNS Khalid bin Walid guided missile frigate.


TypeArea Air Defence System
Missile Dimensions
Length: 3.00 m, Diameter: 0.156 m, Wingspan: 0.55 m
Missile Weight
84.5 kg
Operating Altitude
15-6,000 m
Operating Range
700 m to 15,000 m
Mach 2.3 (750 m/s)
GuidanceCommand + electro-optical tracking
Single Shot Hit Probability
Radar Detecting Range
25 km
Radar Homing Range
20 km
WarheadHE-FRAG with proximity fuse
ServiceBangladesh Air Force, Bangladesh Navy



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