Sunday, November 21, 2010

Myanmar Air Force to buy 50 Russian Mi-24/35 attack helicopters

LONDON September 14

news: According to the Russian world arms trade and Analysis Center on Sept. 13 reported that the Myanmar Air Force has purchased 50 Russian-made attack helicopters -24 m and 12 m -2 after a reinforced armored transport helicopter .

According to sources, these meters -24 Myanmar's first purchase of attack helicopters. These meters is expected to be allocated -24 4 squadrons, one of which will be deployed in the vicinity of the new capital of Naypyidaw's a new Air Force Base.

Myanmar Air Force purchase of these helicopters is mainly to crack down on illegal armed powerful. Earlier, Burma's military has bought 50 aircraft to the Chinese K-8 trainer - fighter (equipped with 23 mm cannon, can carry guided and unguided weapons).

Myanmar Air Force currently has about 65 were equipped with various types of helicopters, including some in the last century, serving 70 years old models, including the United States was to help combat illicit drug production in Myanmar to provide the 18 "Bell -205A-1 "and 9" Bell -206. "

In addition, Myanmar is also the last century 90s purchased from Russia and Poland, about 40 helicopters, most of which are still in service.

Analysts pointed out that as the price of each Mi -35 no less than 15 million U.S. dollars, so for the purchase of 50 Myanmar helicopter of this type of paid fee will not be less than the total 750 million U.S. dollars, more than half of its annual defense spending .But the basic Mi-24 costs at least $8M.Myanmar Air Force ordered 10 Mi-24 at a cost of $71 million in 2009.

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