Thursday, February 3, 2011

Newly procured navy ship BNS Bijoy included in navy fleet

Chittagong: BNS Bijoy, a newly procured navy ship from United Kingdom (UK), arrived at Chittagong Naval Jetty on Friday.

BNS Bijoy is a modern castle class warship named as HMS Dumburton in British Royal Navy.

This ship was engaged for patrolling as a guard ship in the South Atlantic Sea, Falkland Islands and around of South Georgia before procured by Bangladesh Navy, said a release of ISPR.

The ship was officially handed over to Bangladesh Navy on May 14, 2010 at Portsmouth, UK.

Later, necessary modernization works of the ship were done in UK and finally Commanding Officer of the ship Captain Syed Ariful Islam, BN started their journey to Bangladesh on November 22, 2010.

The ship cruised 16 thousand km in her way to Bangladesh.

On the way, it anchored at Tanjir port of Morocco, Port Limasol of Cyprus, Port Syed of Egypt, Port Jeddah of Saudi Arabia and Colombo of Sri Lanka for welcome visit and purchasing fuel and rations.

Two procurement treaties were signed between Bangladesh and UK government for BNS Bijoy and BNS Dhaleshwary on April 15, 2010 which can be marked as a significant step for modernizing Bangladesh Navy taken by ruling government.

BNS Dhaleshawry is expected to join Bangladesh Navy Fleet in February this year


United Kingdom
Offshore Patrol Vessel/Mine-layer
Displacement (Standard)
Displacement (Fully Loaded)
1,427 tons
Length 81 m
Beam 11.5 m
Draught 3.42 m
Main Machinery
2 x Ruston 12RK320DM diesels; 5,640 hp (4.20 MW) sustained; 2 x shaft
Speed 20 kt
Range 10,000 n miles at 12 kt
45 (6 officers); 50~120 troops
Guns 1 x 30 mm; 4 x 7.62x51 mm GPMG
Surface Search
Type 994; E/F-band
Navigation Kelvin Hughes Type 1006; I-band
Sonar Systems
Simrad RU sidescan
0 x Hanger, 1 x Sea King
Sea Boats
2 x Pacific RIBs, 2 x beachable MIBs   

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