Friday, February 4, 2011

AWC C4I System of BAF

The C4I system was developed by the Air Weapon’s Complex (AWC) of Pakistan.
The designed system collects information from all air defence sensors and radars, processes it, converts it into a standard format and displays it in real time at any desired location. The system architecture is independent of space, time and communication medium. The Command and Control System provides an environment for multiple functions to operate on the same hardware platform and share data via a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN).

The System allows the Commander to a view a fused picture of his complete Area of Responsibility (AOR). It is a compilationof data from all air defence sensors, combined with battle plan, projection overlays, and any other data that is available, including current locations and planned movement operations of ground, maritime and air units of friendly, neutral, and enemy forces generated features and projections (e.g. battle plans, operating zones).
System Features:
  • Seamless integration with C4I systems
  • Network centric design allowing self-forming and self-healing network (user can enter or leave the network dynamically)
  • Complete Air Situation Display (ASD)
  • User friendly and compact Graphical User Interface
  • The System can be operated in different modes (Operator, commander etc.)
  • Personnel training under simulation mode
  • Scenario recording and replay facility
  • Communication with lower and higher command centres
  • Advanced GIS support
  • Multiple layer architecture (Display of multiple maps)
  • Map features e.g. map loading, map editing, map colour changing etc
  • Preset and programmable zoom buttons
  • Display of Latitude/Longitude, Georef and Grid System
  • True battlefield scenario support
  • Display of track history during interception operation. User can switch on/off history of track
  • Track symbol indicating its category
  • Track type indicates the threat status of the track
  • Tactical interception aids available
  • Radar on/off option
  • Aircraft Plot Suppression Area (PSA)
  • Non-automatic track initiation area
  • Weapons (SAM/AAA) status monitoring
  • Use of commercial technologies
  • Ergonomically designed Command and Control Console
  • Easy maintenance
The AWC C4I system was installed by AWC technicians in the premises of the Bangladesh Air Force in 2005. It was inaugurated in 17 March, 2005. It has been integrated with at least four major radar bases of Bangladesh

TypeC4I System
ServiceBangladesh Air Force

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