Friday, February 4, 2011

GZQ-230 Pontoon Bridge System

The GZQ-230 heavy pontoon bridge is a second-generation Chinese floating bridge modelled on the Soviet pontoon bridge equipment. It is mounted on a XC-2200 5 ton truck chassis also developed in China.
The heavy pontoon bridge system has a maximum load capacity of 60 tons. If the maximum configuration is exercised the GZQ-230 can be capable of being connected to 14 other pontoon bridge systems or motor boats or a combination in order to span up to 312 m.
The GZQ-230 pontoon bridge system is in service with the Bangladesh Army.

TypeHeavy Pontoon Bridge System
Weight11 tonnes
Length9.422 m
Width2.500 m
Height3.200 m
Crew1 + 2
EngineBF8L413FG air-cooled diesel 252hp
Payload8-9 tons
ServiceBangladesh Army

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