Friday, February 4, 2011

1L117M 3D Radar of BAF

The 1L117M mobile 3D radar is a long range radar system developed by Russia.
The 1L117M mobile 3D radar is designed to detect, identify and measure three coordinates (azimuth, slant range and altitude) of various aerial targets, as well as to provide radar data for external users.
The radar can be used as part of air defence and air force automated and non-automated air defence and air traffic controlsystems.
The 1L117M radar differs from its predecessor 1L117 radar by having the transmitter’s klystron-based power amplifier, which enhances stability of emitted signals, increases passive noise suppression characteristics and improves the radar's ability to detect low-flying targets. In addition, frequency agility improves the radar's jamming resistance when operating in heavy ECM environment.
System Composition:
The radar equipment is mounted on five vehicles:
  • Vehicle No. 1 – transceiver;
  • Vehicle No. 2 – control and datalink equipment and operators’ workstations;
  • Vehicle No. 3 – diesel-electric power plant with two diesel generators;
  • Vehicles Nos 4 and 5 – trailers to carry antenna systems and an SPTA set.
The radar has an all-weather capability and can operate in various climates at ambient temperatures between –40°C and +50°C, in relative humidity 98% and at an altitude above sea level amounting to 3,000 m.
The radar can be transported by automobile, railway and sea transport.
The Bangladesh Air Force's radar units operate a number of Russian origin 1L117M surveillance radars around Bangladesh. Addition systems are being procured to strengthen air surveillance capabilities further.

Type3D radar
Range350 km
ServiceBangladesh Air Force

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