Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bangladesh Air Force to be modernised


Prime Minister tells guests at BAF Academy
Staff Correspondent, BMF Defence News []
The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has urged the Bangladesh Air Force to imbue with the spirit of the liberation war and remain prepared to face any situation.
The Winter Graduation Parade was held marking the commissioning of No 62 Flight Cadet Course and No 9 Special Short Service Commission Course of the Bangladesh Air Force.

‘The force that was born in the war field in 1971 has finally turned into as a full-fledged and well-organised force. I am sure, the Air Force possessing the spirit of the liberation, will remain prepared to face any situation,’ she said.

The prime minister hoped that Bangladesh would turn into a non-communal country free from hunger, poverty and illiteracy through united efforts of the people.

Hasina asked the newly commissioned officers to protect the national independence and sovereignty, saying that strong, professional and modern Air Force is a must for any sovereign country.

The prime minister reminded the Air Force officers that there was no alternative to strict discipline, hard training and continuous practice to attain professional efficiency.

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